Spray Your Way

Customizable Self-Tanning Mist

A completely customizable sunless self-tanning mist

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About this product

What is it? -

A completely customizable sunless self-tanning mist

How to use -

Mist evenly over the entire body and face, avoiding the eyes. Gently blend in circular motions using applicator mitt or hands. Allow skin to dry before getting dressed. Wait 4-6 hours before showering, swimming or sweating heavily. For best results, exfoliate prior to sunless application. Use sparingly on dry areas, such as elbows, knees, ankles and feet. Wash hands after application.

Spray Your Way - Customizable Self-Tanning Mist

How it works

  • Perfectly balanced combination of plant-based, eco-certified DHA and Erythrulose creates natural-looking, long-lasting sunless results, all while feeling a light-as-air on your skin.
  • Fragrance and instant bronzer-free formulation designed to be the perfect foundation for you to create your own, personalized self-tanning blend, allowing you to add the bronzers and fragrances of your choice.
  • A vegan combination of organic spinach, cranberry and blueberry extracts packed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids work together to assist in counteracting free radical damage and oxidative stress, helping to improve and enhance overall skin health, while witch hazel helps clarify, balance and firm for a visibly restored complexion.
  • A high concentration of organic aloe, plus glycerin and other natural humectants and emollients, help soften your skin, all while sealing in essential moisture for longer-lasting, richer sunless results.
  • Fragrance-free complex works to prevent and neutralize sunless development odor by attacking it at its source.