sunless tanning

Sunless Skin Care

Use pre-sunless and post-sunless products to get the most out of your sunless tan. Learn more tips for extending the life of your tan

  • Exfoliators/Cleansers


    Use in the shower before a sunless or UV tanning session to prime your skin. Exfoliating microbeads gently remove dehydrated skin and open up pores, creating the perfect base for your tan.

  • Amplifiers/Accelerators


    Speed up the development of your tan by applying an Accelerator before your tanning session. Pump up the volume with an Amplifier and achieve a darker, deeper tan.

  • Extenders


    Nourish your skin with moisture, anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, and a hint of color with these products that preserve your healthy glow.

  • Self-Tanners


    Can’t make it to the salon? Palm Beach Tan carries self-tanning lotions and sprays so you can get the same glowing results at home. Self-tanning products are also a great way to give your tan a boost between sessions.