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Palm Beach Tan Austin

William Cannon

Our tanning salon in Austin, TX is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and we’re excited to help you find your perfect shade. Stop by, meet our certified tanning consultants and learn more about our state-of-the-art sunless spray tanning and sunbed tanning. Beach Tan William Cannon,4404 W. William Cannon Dr. Ste D 320, Austin, TX, 78749¢er=30.2237739, -97.84011

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2-Pack 39-49

Memberships & Pricing
Premier Rewards® Memberships

Palm Beach Tan Austin location offers a variety of convenient sunbed and sunless Premier Rewards memberships. Our Premier Rewards members enjoy exclusive offers, free membership upgrades, cash credits and more! Learn more about Premier Rewards.

Premier Rewards - 1. Join - start earning rewards from day one. 2. Earn - the longer you stay, the more rewards you earn! 3. Redeem - exclusive rewards and offers at each milestone. Premier Rewards - 1. Join - start earning rewards from day one. 2. Earn - the longer you stay, the more rewards you earn! 3. Redeem - exclusive rewards and offers at each milestone.

Sunbed Pricing

Customize your color in our state-of-the-art indoor tanning systems including luxury features such as face and shoulder tanners, aromatherapy, air-conditioning and more.

Learn more about our different Sunbed Premier Rewards benefits.

Diamond Prism Premier EFT
Diamond EFT
Platinum EFT
Gold EFT
Silver EFT
Diamond Prism Premier Flex
Diamond Flex
Platinum Flex
Gold Flex
Silver Flex
Diamond Prism Premier
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Sunless Pricing

With sunless spray tanning, you can achieve natural-looking results perfectly matched to your skin tone in just one visit. Palm Beach Tan features Mystic Kyss, Mystic Tan, VersaSpa and VersaPro spray tanning booths.

Learn more about our different Sunless Premier Rewards benefits.

Sunless Diamond EFT
Sunless Platinum EFT
Sunless Gold EFT

Reviews From Our Customers

( 4.56 of 5 ) - 25 Reviews
July 5th 2020
5 / 5 stars
Love to get my tan on.
June 3rd 2020
5 / 5 stars
Some of the nicer beds I've seen in salons. Lauren is always super friendly and helpful if I have questions. The staff is always quick to greet and clean a bed quickly for me if necessary.
February 11th 2020
5 / 5 stars
November 5th 2019
5 / 5 stars
Clean store!
October 19th 2019
1 / 5 stars
September 28th 2019
4 / 5 stars
September 19th 2019
5 / 5 stars
[Update] - super fast response from customer service apologizing for the store not being open on time. Impressed with their attention to the matter. Dropped by at 7:10 this morning. Lights off, doors locked.
July 27th 2019
5 / 5 stars
The lady in the front was very pleasant and got me in the tanning bed quickly.
July 25th 2019
3 / 5 stars
July 11th 2019
5 / 5 stars
July 3rd 2019
5 / 5 stars
Everyone is always so nice, friendly and helpful! I am a Darque Tan crossover :) had a membership for at least 5 years, if not longer. I am pleased so far with how smoothly things have been during the transition and the service...I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!
May 13th 2019
4 / 5 stars
For the most part my experience has been great. The facilities are always clean and the staff at the Arbor Trails location are typically very attentive, helpful and friendly.
May 9th 2019
5 / 5 stars
Front desk service is always great. Especially love me some Zack ;)Inside of beds are clean but the connection between the top and bottom glass, tops inside and out could use some attention. Other than that, very satisfied. Thank you!
April 12th 2019
5 / 5 stars
Everything has been great since getting my name and info corrected.
April 8th 2019
5 / 5 stars
Thanks for the free offers! I don’t always get to use them but they are so appreciated. S
March 13th 2019
5 / 5 stars
So happy you took over!
March 2nd 2019
5 / 5 stars
I love the beds at PBT, I have see amazing color since we’ve changed from darque tan!
March 1st 2019
5 / 5 stars
Good service and good lamps in the beds.
March 1st 2019
5 / 5 stars
All staff have been extremely friendly and helpful making my tanning experiences delightful.
February 22nd 2019
5 / 5 stars
Everyone there has given great customer service!!
February 11th 2019
5 / 5 stars
Up to date beds and lamps, and great employees.
January 26th 2019
3 / 5 stars
Have had issues with the William cannon location and have been told by 3 different people that someone from Corp would contact me and no one has..
January 26th 2019
4 / 5 stars
Still confusing on the bed options and "levels", as the old signage is still up, and there are more beds to choose from than levels. I suspect there is just more updating to be done.
January 16th 2019
5 / 5 stars
Zach was nice and helpful and the bed was great
January 8th 2019
5 / 5 stars
Staff are great

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