Personalized Beauty Therapy®

What is beauty to you? It’s how you define it for yourself. That’s why at Palm Beach Tan, we’ve long advocated for personalized definitions of beauty and personalized services and products that enable your inner beauty to thrive.

Our new line of skin-deep and more-than-skin-deep offerings is yet another avenue for you to define beauty—and confidence—for yourself. Read more below to learn about our new infrared, red light therapy, supplements and skincare services and products. Wellness services and equipment availability may vary by location.

therapies for every body

Full spectrum infrared sauna to help benefit the mind and body

Total-body rejuvenation and anti-aging light therapy treatment

Multiple-wavelength light therapies to help relieve wrinkles, acne or pain

Red light therapy and invigorating vibration to help tone and beautify

Restore a more radiant and youthful appearance with amber, light red, dark red and infrared wavelengths

wellness within® supplements

more than skin deep

Introducing our newest Premier Collection superstars—the Wellness Within® line of dietary supplements. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or add luster to your hair, each formula in the Wellness Within line includes the nutrients you need to thrive. With Wellness Within, you’ll shine from the inside out.

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Premier Collection® Skin Care

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