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Our Sunbeds

We have a full suite of state-of-the-art sunbeds. From 20-minute sunbeds to luxury models complete with face and shoulder tanners, aromatherapy, air-conditioning and more, we promise you’ll find something you love. Sunbed equipment availability and maximum exposure times may vary by location.*

Diamond Prism

The ultimate experience, the ultimate tan

Multiple spectrums of light:

Four unique spectrums of light, plus all the luxurious amenities of Diamond level beds, make for the ultimate tanning experience.

Diamond Prism<sup>™</sup> Sunbed

Wellness Benefits

  • Four unique spectrums of light, a mix of bronzing UV and skin-nourishing LED
  • 10 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Includes all Diamond level amenities and a comfortable ergonomic design


Maximum exposure, maximum bronzing

Maximum exposure helps you achieve your maximum bronze. Diamond sunbeds include luxurious amenities like air-conditioning, premium sound systems and much more.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Superior bronze. Longest lasting results.
  • 10-15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Luxury amenities: air conditioning, sound system and more


Deep bronzing

Maximum UVA rays deepen and maintain your color, all in the comfort of a luxury bed, with air-conditioning, a premium sound system and much more.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Maximum UVA deepens color
  • 10-15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Luxury options: air-conditioning, sound system and more


Color enhancing

Higher intensity lamps, 12- to 15-minute exposure schedules and a greater concentration of UVA rays darken your base melanin for a deeper, more beautiful color.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Higher intensity lamps
  • 12-15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time*
  • Greater concentration of UVA rays


Foundation building

Lower intensity lamps, 20-minute exposure schedules and higher concentrations of UVB rays combine for optimum melanin production. Perfect for building a base tan.

Diamond Sunbed


  • Lower intensity lamps
  • 15- 20 Minute Maximum Tanning Time*
  • Higher concentrations of UVB rays