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Sunbed tanning lotions, sunless skincare products and more.

Whatever your tanning goals may be, Palm Beach Tan has a skincare product that can help you achieve them.

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Luxe Body Butter

Amethyst Luxe Body Butter

Rich, Nourishing Body Butter With Color-Balancing Violet Undertones

Luxe Body Wash

Amethyst Luxe Body Wash

Soothing, Color-Balancing Body Wash

Luxe Bronzer

Amethyst Luxe Bronzer

Self-Adjusting, Exceptionally Dark DHA Bronzer With Color-Balancing Violet Undertones

Luxe Facial White Bronzer

Amethyst Luxe Facial White Bronzer

White Bronzer With Color-Balancing Violet Undertones, Specially Formulated for Facial Skin

Luxe Intensifier

Amethyst Luxe Intensifier

Exceptionally Dark Intensifier With Color-Balancing Violet Undertones

Luxe Tan Extender

Amethyst Luxe Tan Extender

Daily Tan Extender With Color-Balancing Violet Undertones

Black Label

Black Ice Moisturizer

Black Label Black Ice Moisturizer

A soothing moisturizer that hydrates, refreshes and builds beautifully balanced color with our Bronze Building Blend.

Black IndiGlow Violet Bronzing Mist

Black Label Black IndiGlow Violet Bronzing Mist

A violet bronzing mist that rejuvenates and nourishes your skin while ensuring you have a flawless finish, all delivered through an ultra-fine mist that can be applied at any angle (even upside down).

Body Exfoliant-Renewing Body Scrub

Black Label Body Exfoliant-Renewing Body Scrub

A decadent body exfoliant carefully crafted to turn your skin into the ideal canvas for sunless tanning.

Chic Facial Crème

Black Label Chic Facial Crème

A complexion perfecting, age defying daily moisturizer with the perfect amount of DHA and erythrulose to enhance, maintain and gradually build your sunless color.

Facial Scrub-Warming Spa Exfoliant

Black Label Facial Scrub-Warming Spa Exfoliant

A unique warming facial scrub that cleanses impurities, renews complexion and highlights your skin’s natural radiance.

Flawless Primer

Black Label Flawless Primer

A sumptuous pre-sunless primer that accelerates tan development, minimizes that sticky after-spray tan feeling and hydrates skin.

Indulgent Body Wash

Black Label Indulgent Body Wash

A decadently hydrating and nourishing body wash that gently cleanses, pampers and protects spray-tanned skin.

Perfect Bronzing Mist

Black Label Perfect Bronzing Mist

An all-over self-tanner that goes beyond bronzing to refresh and invigorate skin with an innovative cooling complex delivered through an ultra-fine mist that can be applied at any angle (even upside down).

Radiant Extending Mousse

Black Label Radiant Extending Mousse

A unique, whipped mousse formula that melts into the skin for luxurious yet lightweight hydration.


After Tan Extender

Emerald After Tan Extender

Luxurious Tan Extender with Gradual Bronzers

Body Butter

Emerald Body Butter

Luxurious Body Butter

Body Wash

Emerald Body Wash

Luxurious Body Wash

DHA Bronzer

Emerald DHA Bronzer

Luxurious DHA Bronzer

Facial Bronzer

Emerald Facial Bronzer

Luxurious DHA Facial Bronzer with Cooling Essence


Emerald Intensifier

A luxurious Intensifier that deepens your natural color while extending the life of your tan.


L’obsidienneX<sup>™</sup> Exosome Crème de Visage

L’obsidienne L’obsidienneX Exosome Crème de Visage

A transformative facial cream, formulated using revolutionary, patented exosome technology, designed to protect, repair and renew your facial skin. Learn more about exosomes.



LightStim® Acne

A UV-free light therapy device drawing on blue and red wavelengths to clear existing breakouts, extinguish acne-causing bacteria and soothe skin.


LightStim® Pain

A UV-free light therapy device using light red, dark red, infrared and deep infrared wavelengths to relieve pain, increase blood circulation and speed recovery.


LightStim® Wrinkles

A UV-free light therapy device harnessing the power of amber, light red, dark red and infrared wavelengths to treat facial fine lines and wrinkles.



Scarlet® Bronzer

40X DHA Bronzer • Instant, Cosmetic and Delayed Bronzing

Facial Intensifier

Scarlet® Facial Intensifier

Facial Intensifier

Illuminating Body Wash

Scarlet® Illuminating Body Wash

Tan Extending Body Wash • Paraben-Free • Sulfate-Free


Scarlet® Intensifier

Dark Intensifier • Cosmetic Bronzer and DHA Free

Tan Extender

Scarlet® Tan Extender

Tan Extender with a Hint of DHA

Tantalizing Tingle Bronzer

Scarlet® Tantalizing Tingle Bronzer

Tingle DHA Bronzer • Instant, Cosmetic and Delayed Bronzing

Spray Your Way

Priming & Color-Balancing Mist

Spray Your Way Priming & Color-Balancing Mist

Amino acid-rich, pH-balancing pre-sunless treatment that helps prime for optimal dark, uniform, lasting sunless tanning results while helping improve skin health.

Sunless Customizable Self-Tanning Continuous Micromist

Spray Your Way Sunless Customizable Self-Tanning Continuous Micromist

A customizable ultra-fine micro mist that delivers even, flawless salon-quality spray tanning solution, with luxurious ingredients designed to enhance skin health.

Sunless Customizable Self-Tanning Foam

Spray Your Way Sunless Customizable Self-Tanning Foam

A customizable lightweight formulation that creates natural-looking, lasting sunless results, with luxurious ingredients designed to enhance skin health.

Sunless Enhancing Tan Extender

Spray Your Way Sunless Enhancing Tan Extender

Daily ultra-lightweight formulation that moisturizes your skin and extends the life of your sunless tan.

Sunless Exfoliating Body Scrub

Spray Your Way Sunless Exfoliating Body Scrub

A nourishing, invigorating body exfoliant that prepares your skin for sunless tanning.

Sunless Gentle Body Wash

Spray Your Way Sunless Gentle Body Wash

Crystal-clear foaming body wash helps protect your skin’s microbiome and your sunless tan.

Sunless Accessories

Applicator Mitt

Sunless Accessories Applicator Mitt

Our Self Tanning Mitt Applicator works effortlessly with all tanners, creams, mousses, tinted moisturizers, body lotions and sprays, and helps you achieve a natural-looking shine by preventing the palms of your hands from staining during the application process.


Body Exfoliant

Sunsational Body Exfoliant

An exfoliating body scrub designed to prepare your skin for a flawless sunless tan

Enhancing Tan Extender

Sunsational Enhancing Tan Extender

The perfect sunless tan extender for taking a total approach to getting the most out of your sunless tan

Fragranced Body Mist

Sunsational Fragranced Body Mist

A fresh smelling, skin nourishing body mist fortified with odor neutralizing technology, specially designed for use after spray tanning, or anytime you need a scent boost, plus it's enriched with skincare, so you'll not only smell fresh, but look fresh, too!

Purple Priming Mist

Sunsational Purple Priming Mist

Amino acid rich, pH balancing pre-sunless treatment that helps prime skin for optimal, dark, lasting self-tanning results while improving overall skin health

Self-Tanning Mousse

Sunsational Self-Tanning Mousse

A caffeine and collagen enriched self-tanning mousse designed to nourish your skin and ensure flawless sunless results

Self-Tanning Water

Sunsational Self-Tanning Water

A clear, self-tanning mist that creates a beautiful, natural looking sunless tan without added dyes or colorant

Sulfate-Free Body Wash

Sunsational Sulfate-Free Body Wash

A gentle sulfate-free body wash that will cleanse and hydrate your skin without stripping away your sunless tan

Wellness Within

Keto Boost

Wellness Within Keto Boost

Give yourself a boost with this once a day supplement for weight management and mental clarity. Its mixture of vitamins and minerals has been carefully crafted to promote weight loss, improve blood sugar levels and increase both energy and focus.

Pure Collagen

Wellness Within Pure Collagen

This twice weekly supplement uses a combination of collagen, vitamins A and C and more to promote joint health, soothe inflammation and give hair and nails a more lustrous sheen.

Slim Down Reset

Wellness Within Slim Down Reset

This once a day supplement is perfect for both weight management and weight loss. Using natural ingredients, including probiotics and vitamins B6 and B12, Slim Down Reset fights food cravings, increases energy and metabolism (without the crash!) and much more.

Stress Relief

Wellness Within Stress Relief

The perfect once a day supplement for managing your stress and promoting calm. A combination of natural ingredients, including adaptogens and root extracts, modulate cortisol while supporting mental clarity and well-being.

Vitamin D3 + K2

Wellness Within Vitamin D3 + K2

A weekly vitamin supplement for balanced mental and physical health. It protects against heart disease, high blood pressure and more, all while supporting your immune system and maintaining bone health.